Benefits of joining a Gardening club

Gardens are meant to be sanctuaries. It is a hobby pursued by people who enjoy nature. If you love gardens and appreciate outdoor space that is well designed, you should probably join a gardening club. In the garden club, you will be constantly learning about gardens around people who love gardening. The education is wide and extends to all corners of the botanical nation.  You can gain knowledge and advice from magazines, books, TV, YouTube, the radio, and online forums but it is nothing compared to horticultural societies and the gardening communities

Here are some signs that you need to join a gardening club

You have a green thumb

If you are already a seasoned gardener, you will find your niche in local gardening clubs. Any local Garden club is sure to enlist you if you can help teach some gardening tricks and host gardening events.

You lack a green thumb

You do not have to be gardening pro to join a gardening club; novices are more than welcome. Most gardening clubs are about appreciating the gardens. The only requirement is your desire to enjoy gardens and all garden spaces. Basically if you love gardens and want to learn more, you should join a local gardening club

You want to learn more about gardening

You may join a garden club for fun but you will be surprised by how much you learn when you talk to garden club members and attend events. The accumulated knowledge is passed down to new member making sure they learn something new.

You care a lot about conservation

Garden clubs are all about environmental conservation.  Some offer plan projects. Education programmes and awareness about protecting the environment. They spearhead programmes that combat pollination and other significant issues.

You love the garden talk

Gardens bring gardening gurus and people who are interested in garden talks together. Joining a garden club will help you make new friends who are interested in the same things as you are. No matter your area of gardening expertise, you are bound to make a friend or two.

Here are some reasons you should join a gardening club

You will learn a lot

Joining a local horticultural society or garden club helps you tap into the experiences of other gardeners of members. You get free advice through newsletters. Master gardening programmes offer gardening basics for people who are willing to learn.

You are most likely   going to save major cash

Local gardening clubs have discounts (which you can negotiate) near your garden centres. You can also get mail order stuff in bulk and receive them at very convenient prices. Most places have a traditional annual plant sale and a multi-bloomed bonus. You get the plants at a great price and they are from fresh gardens which mean they will grow well.

It is great for volunteers

Some communities have non-profit organisations which work with the local volunteers to create awareness for the environments, landscaping and urban forestry.

People who live in cities

Community gardens cater for people living in cities by lending plots communal spaces for gardening. You can get great gardening spaces from arboretums and botanical gardens.